sexual and sensuous—inviting love—inducing lust…rock hard chests and sinuous arms—inspiring adoration with all your charms…we live to love but die alone—present only in memories and in what we’ve done…erotica baby—deep inside—madonna inspires my mind tonight…gaga’s cure meets beyonce’s formation—the monster army fuses with the emerging cylon nation…imbued with courage stoked with pain and rage—we rise to resist the dawn of a neo-nazi age…we fight for our lives and for generations to come—we dream and we scheme to make neo’s kingdom come…we are living in the matrix—an orwellian inception…we strive for nirvana and for cosmic re-creation…sex fuels our army rising up monster queer—trans sisters and brothers bring the 22nd century near…rock hard cocks and aroused clitori—inspire manic genius as lightning burns the sky…we fight with all we have for a future we can faintly foresee—the monsterfamily rises proud—confronting inner demons and flying free