Deep within, the pulse of passion inspires the mind into a state of elation… Palpitation and exhilaration conjure a sacred dance of tantric energy… We gather our vespers and vixens—our shamans and our pole dancers… We imagine a new sensual landscape liberated from the shackles of patriarchy and heterosexual dictatorship… […]


God and goddess fuse into one—we dance under the moon and frolic in the sun…this is a mythological rewiring of an ancient story of creation—it is a deep dive into the diaspora from which our people come…love is our god and sex is our goddess—this visceral synergy gives form to […]


I am conjuring a metaphor—I am conjuring a rhyme…the fractals animating my imagination are sinking deep roots in my mind…I heed the polyvalent technicolor narratives conveyed by our planets in orbit–the power of astrological wisdom helps me live most fully in the present…a cosmic conjecture is a wild psychic extrapolation–it […]


I am a human being suffering from the human condition—I am psychosis and neurosis: I am mania and depression…I feel things to the bone and I seek the deepest truth—I imagine my tribe as a cyber-wired batalion of Jedi troops…I am not your poison—I am not psychically toxic…I register the […]


When the planets are in retrograde, its a good time to slow down and carve out time to be still… Self-will and grand vision  will be crushed underfoot as these massive orbs appear to move backward in the night sky—this retrograde motion is an illusion produced by differing placements and […]


Centuries of oppression and rebellion—of pain and joy—eddy in the waters of time—pregnant with generations of our blood memories… Valkyrie choose the slain in combat—they choose whose blood flows to extinction and whose lives are spared… Black women carry the weight of our struggle in their bones—with marrow communicating routes […]


He is an icon and a maverick—a voice of hope, sensuality, pain, and liberation… This creatrix rises to amplify the power of pride and sexuality—to bring the joys of the grind to our post-apocalyptic civilization… Like so many young black men—especially queer young black men—he wondered if his lips were […]


It was my first night on the psych ward…I submerged the Bible in the toilet—imagining that I would recreate the sacred text over the course of my stay…I imagined that the water would unearth messages and channel symbols not visible to the naked eye… Floridly manic and coming down from […]


I write from a place deep inside—from a geothermal vent of being and presence… Presence is the essence—the essence of our resistance…imparting the power to transform systems and to conjure new religions… The Moon is in Scorpio and I am asked to go deep—to reimagine our world while deep in […]


  Snake medicine pulsates through my being, unleashing immense powers of creativity—bringing psychic energy into awareness and channeling this magic towards our need for healing… The kundalini power arising from the root chakra ascends through our snake-like spinal column…I envision a serpentine double-helix armoring our spines and our minds through […]


My eyes seduce the son of god—taking in every sinuous muscle and seductive glance, and absorbing the power of our galaxy’s constellations and the dynamic interplay between lust, sex, and love… We access the cosmic power of the erotic when we allow our spines to be sensuous conduits for tantric […]

TRUTH SERUM: a journal entry

Last night, the moon communed with Jupiter—someone told me to ask for what I want because I just might get it…with synapses firing at speeds faster than light, I asked for insight and foresight—I asked for knowledge of my noble purpose… today, I had a soul to soul convergence with […]


our vixens and our hustlers conjure epic supernatural sentience—we deduce spiritual principles from the fulcrum of our collective experience…erotic anthems seduce the mind arming us with tantric prescience—erotic armadas patrol the scintillating seas of magical dialectical consciousness…we conspire and inspire to build a global tantric subterranean—we feel our spirits rise […]


she slays with her looks—she’s estrogen butch…she writhes with desire fueled by tantric touch…two lovers kiss, sharing breath so deep…energy rises up fueled by sacred chemistry…hormonal power surges deep inside—amplifying feminist fire and lesbonic pride…we are striving to manifest a tantric underground—channeling seismic psychic godlings to rise up and run […]


your eyes are cylon portals to the titanic force of your heart and soul…no mere mortal, you are a vixen, destined to conspire to transform our world and make us feel whole…genderqueer you defy systemic boundaries, letting transpower flow through your arms…you are a field marshal in our androgyne army […]


dancers stomp, twist, and writhe—giving voice to desires pent up deep inside…we long to rise as one and mobilize—our subaltern armies will rule the night…our democracy is plagued and under siege—we need cyberpunk power to keep the peace…nazis and fascists will come rolling deep—but our samurai neurodivergents have a sacred […]