My eyes seduce the son of god—taking in every sinuous muscle and seductive glance, and absorbing the power of our galaxy’s constellations and the dynamic interplay between lust, sex, and love… We access the cosmic power of the erotic when we allow our spines to be sensuous conduits for tantric […]

TRUTH SERUM: a journal entry

Last night, the moon communed with Jupiter—someone told me to ask for what I want because I just might get it…with synapses firing at speeds faster than light, I asked for insight and foresight—I asked for knowledge of my noble purpose… today, I had a soul to soul convergence with […]


our vixens and our hustlers conjure epic supernatural sentience—we deduce spiritual principles from the fulcrum of our collective experience…erotic anthems seduce the mind arming us with tantric prescience—erotic armadas patrol the scintillating seas of magical dialectical consciousness…we conspire and inspire to build a global tantric subterranean—we feel our spirits rise […]


she slays with her looks—she’s estrogen butch…she writhes with desire fueled by tantric touch…two lovers kiss, sharing breath so deep…energy rises up fueled by sacred chemistry…hormonal power surges deep inside—amplifying feminist fire and lesbonic pride…we are striving to manifest a tantric underground—channeling seismic psychic godlings to rise up and run […]


your eyes are cylon portals to the titanic force of your heart and soul…no mere mortal, you are a vixen, destined to conspire to transform our world and make us feel whole…genderqueer you defy systemic boundaries, letting transpower flow through your arms…you are a field marshal in our androgyne army […]


dancers stomp, twist, and writhe—giving voice to desires pent up deep inside…we long to rise as one and mobilize—our subaltern armies will rule the night…our democracy is plagued and under siege—we need cyberpunk power to keep the peace…nazis and fascists will come rolling deep—but our samurai neurodivergents have a sacred […]


i am energized by attraction and by chemical reaction—i yearn for connection and for seismic satisfaction…this is a quest for transformation and for transcendent liberation—this is a cosmic journey traversing star systems in search of karmic libations…i see ebony and onyx animating the pulse of my desire—i see truth deep […]


in our arrogance, we have claimed lordship over the natural world—we have let the talons of profit claw at our sacred mother and our duty to defend the forces that give us life…but the earth remembers—and our mother speaks…she speaks through the trees and gives voice to the dreams of […]


I imagine you lying beside me…black on black—skin to skin…I feel a fire of liberation deep within—I feel a cocoon of black love opening its arms so I can trust and fall in…the contours of your body excite my imagination and your lips are an invitation to sacred crime…our connection […]


your eyes make me smile and your hips make me wild—this hard house pulsation leaves me hot, hung, and wired…erotic reverberations stomp, grind, and fly—you are showing me your divine spark, your chakras, and your third eye…i seek the guidance of my higher power and shed the illusion of control—when […]


limp wrists and raised fists—trans and queer we rearm and resist…we harness sacred powers arising in our midst—magical elixirs find their way to our souls through our lips…emphatic euphoric and intensely orgasmic—the confluence of emotion is deep and hypnotic…our dance with the dialectic is fierce and jaw dropping—our energy expands […]


country twang meets harlem swing—an old town road to the world we begin…marinating and meditating—fornicating and innovating…enjoying the beat driving hard and synched—summoning the will to nurture and the will to resist…this poem is an ode to the dynamo known as lil NasX—he spits rhymes that inspire us to flip […]


heart-felt passion and heart-felt pain intertwine and recombine inside this dancer’s brain…inspired by love inflected by rage–we rise to shatter titanic systemic psychic chains…this is a neon hybrid: a supersonic dance floor—bridging the chasms between contending sectors of our universe…we sings songs of compassion and songs of collective pride—we attune […]


we are barricade freaks rocking prada in the street—we style our rage in platinum shades shining strong and rolling deep…the sacred healing we seek amplifies our quest for psychic peace—our erotic tectonics seduce the commanders of our dreadnought fleet…as barricade freaks we charge ferociously into the streets—we dodge rubber bullets […]


my mind reverberates at hypomanic speed to the rhythms of the flickering flames–seven multicolored pillars of fire surround my sacred circle of evolving recovery arising untamed…this monument to the pyromanic is made of the vestiges of dozens of votives…i summon powers of magical incantation from a pantheon of sacred sources…wax […]


manic zen from deep within fusing sin with oxygen–possibilities writhe and morph revealing potent visions usually accessed psychedelically…i have seen vivid fractals unfolding before my closed eyes…i have felt tantric erotic power erupting deep inside… in this wretched moment civilization is at stake–but i am removed from the world of […]