MAGNETIC: anthem of seduction

Latin fire fused with crimson pride… You seduce and recruit with a flash of your eyes… Your aesthetic is scruff visceral and rugged… I imagine your fierce cuerpo in the arms of a lover… Your sex presence is amplified magnetic and supersonic… Living in the moment you a flex a […]


Commanding the stage you dance away your pain… Subaltern powers arise projecting neon fractals through crystal rain… Sanctifying pleasure you live to amplify joy and inspire… The modulation of gyration takes the dance floor higher and higher… Viscous waves of techtonic fractals animate the mind… Orgasmic pleasure and technicolor chakras […]


Your body is etched like sacred stone—inspiring transpiring but never alone…our arms embrace i hold you close—angels arise from the ashes as ancestral ghosts… You focus your psyche on the quest for connection—you are a pyromuse and my queer resurrection…you edit digitized signals with your potent intuition—I amplify your mind […]


You craft a citadel of pain—a cyclone of rage… You seduce with your eyes iercely commanding the stage… Your reality is mythology—rock star ego with chrome vulnerability… The pantheon of Montero sends sacred pulsation throughout our polity… You come clad in metallic armor or enrobed in a scintillating dress… Your […]


She commands the room… A presence so potent that hearts stop… Seductive curves and sinuous limbs arouse incite and inspire… Locking eyes with her lover she is radically honest—palpably tantalizing… Armies of men stand powerless before insurgent beauty… A beauty whose pleasure is reserved for the circle of tantric sorceresses […]


We summon from the earth the power of the stars… We summon with our minds fire burning in our hearts… We are practitioners of the sacred art of erotic orogeny… We are healers conjuring the wordless language of empathy… In spiked heels and straps of leather lovers and dancers come […]


You inspire me and rewire me with the subtle chemistry of your artistry… You are a muse and co-conspirator in the project of making revolution sexy… I see you and I think of all of the moments since we first met in the wake of the looming proto-fascist fiasco… These […]


you are captivating—your physicality devastating… your gaze is penetrating—your touch so deeply stimulating… the energy of this moment reverberates and oscillates… fractal visions subsume my psyche compelling me to tempt fate… i pray to spirits both above and deep within… i pray for the presence to match your power and […]


Lips combine while souls rewire Pleasure molds a sacred pyre Tantric power deep inside Writhes and climbs right up the spine   Leather bound and heaven sent This triptych manifests as sacrament The sacred dance of beautiful men Erotic power fused with manic zen   We celebrate bodies in every […]


I am evolving and deepening my awareness… With the shackles of addiction in remission I live in gratitude and in joy… I live on the manic depressive spectrum—tending towards states of hypomania and mania… Eliminating the toxicity of substances of abuse has helped me stabilize, but the powers within that […]


You tempt me You invite me to want what is unwise It would be legal—probably… But it might not be safe for either of us… Your sinuous body and lithe muscles are profoundly alluring Your face is intensely edgy and rebellious—both seductive and angelic… I have crafted age-related boundaries precisely […]


  This is a meditation on intensity—it is a meditation on the contours of ecstasy…I wire my mind to take in your electricity as we conspire to imagine our collective divinity… You animate my imagination with your fierce pride–you light a fire of desire deep inside…but do I long to […]


Energy reverberates through crystal prisms—energy that is never either created or destroyed… Power magnifies from the source, channelling energy as it changes form—cultivating connection and creativity… We are all connected to this universal power—we are all conduits for spiritual, cosmic, and tantric synergy… Our source defies and transcends gender… It […]


  energy fires from each of your eyes—inviting us to yearn: inviting us to try…your erotic power is enshrined in a throne of desire—inspiring our global army to reboot and rewire… you are branded like a prince in sacred tantric ink–tattoos transcribe intentional ways to be and to think…we dance […]


there is clandestine power in your eyes and clandestine erotic energy in your hands… you traverse a multitude of worlds full of prescient awareness of your inner strength and fortitude… you have grown and grounded yourself through the recognition of having been lost, searching, and out of control… what we […]


You are an angel in my pantheon—a muse for my creative mind… The power of your psychic torus extends and extrapolates ever further as our psyches intertwine… You are evolving into a prophet of ecstasy, solidarity, and radical imagination… You are redefining sex appeal as the primordial exoskeleton of our […]