cylon jedis grind their teeth—grooving to a hard house beat…recruiting an army to take out this cabal—uniting the subaltern and rediscovering cosmic powers…trans and queer are flying high—resisting the bigots and steeling our style…organizing is a creative art when revolutionary theory comes to life…we must build centers of resistance with tentacles extending outward—our strength is in our numbers and our tactical powers…so many formations emerging to take on the fascist threat…so many movements in motion—seeking a vision that can save us from climatic death…jedi powers were imagined decades ago—but the metaphor rings true because of what some of us know…our human race is capable of amazing feats of creation—feals of intuition—feats of reinvention…i have a rebel heart—and i’m letting it bleed…hoping the hemoglobin in my blood will plant a revolutionary seed…its d-day fellow rebels—rising phoenix—butterflies…time to transform this system—lest we all pay with our lives…let your rebel heart sing-let it love-let it cry—we can unite a powerful karmic army—utterly dope and super fly

first image is art from the #DisruptJ20 mobilization by Dylan Petrohilos