MONSTA MARX REMIX: the Hybrid Architecture of the GAGA Revolution

juh-juh JUST DANCE
to pulsating pokerface rhythms

pink lips on the dealer’s ceiling

with alejandro’s lil’ monster
da dit-dit-DANCING in the dark
flung far and going HARD
fanon foucault mieville and marx

reading parts and taking charge
thinking big but drinking hard
post-industrial DECAY
ruins the family farm

gaga’s monsta
mad with rage
leaving money honey
in your cage
and dangerous LOVING
for the cylon phage

playing ta-tit-tit TELEPHONE
with dirty rich bones
leaving PAPARAZI paralyzed
by pavarati’s opal eyes and precious stones
never alone but always stoned
the monsta/marxist army grows

JUXTAPOSE this fantasy
with creeping pop reality
free your mind
and you will see
the MONSTA army is you and me
existential humanist
socialist and anarchist
make a wish and raise your fist

gaga’s in an armored BRA
living large and taking charge
sex cells liberate
MONSTA QUEER they procreate

ta-tur-tur TURNING
pretty pubescent boys
into freshly flavored toys
cute and coy but never bored
playing love games for FAME
and dancing in the dark

fame is earned by few
and we are GAGA for lady gaga
always raw fresh and new
turning incipid pop culture
into puh-pah-pah POP POLITICS

sucking neo out of the MATRIX
forging image into reality
making love look like EVERYTHING
kicking the ASS
of tawdry pop tarts
taking NAMES
eating your heart
rebranding the game
never falling apart
open HEART in the DARK

thousands marched for equality
MONSTA army queer and proud
say it loud-say it now
gaga was there baring teeth
wearing white like gabriel
jeweled like galadriel
screaming a la casa blanca
(in da house… in da house…)

the whole world IS watching
a POST-modern POP goddess
monsta army is evolving
standardizing problem solving
veiled and voluptuous
wild and tempestous
hatred sacred love profane
QUEEN of love
lord of RAGE

JUST DANCE she said
and we ARE listening
cylon tounges glistening
forked like asps’ to sting like wasps
dancing with the hybrid dead
with RUNAGATE vinyl sex instead
not on the bed but in our heads
from afar and blessed by STARS

the ma-ma-MONSTER ate my heart
enthralled enthroned but never cloned
cylon style we roll deep
creep don’t sleep
CRY don’t weep
like omar says: know the code
subaltern army OVERTHROW
sharp as nails – never slow
throw some blows then hide the dough

play your part
life is art
in light or dark
beautiful mess of sensous flesh
striving for connection
and a fiercer reflection

evolution is unstoppable
another world is possible
and happening now
(in da monsta house!)

the revolution may not be televised
but it will come in scintillating heels
barbed with wire
don’t cop a feel
fakers best recognize
that our remade lives are for real
on our own – no cat and mouse
(New Crobuzon is in da house!)

with performance art and paper gangstas
eva-vu-vu-vu EVOLUTION
remaking minds to make them faster
MONSTA army on our feet
armed to the teeth and rolling deep
with BASS hooks and psycho plastics
cybernetic ghetto blasters
scarred hexed and crudely plastered
combat boots with platinum armor
hitting HARD and getting hotter
making the new viper madonna
vuh-va-va-VOGUE a little harder

EVOLVE or die trying
REVOLT or live lying
FO-TO-GRAF my mind
and battle plans you will find
dopamine on the rise
seratonin in disguise
perdido station will be ours
tonight’s the night
the dreamers rise

its gonna be ok
the monster army will have its day
M-O-N-E-Y is fly
But lives are precious
and hope won’t DIE
when we lie and don’t deny

EVOLVE or die trying
REVOLT or live lying
Electrify and magnify
my mind this time is open wide
viscious battle plans to find
dopamine staying high and fly
revamping the CORTEX
next frontier to pump and flex
sampling the cock effects
plugging in and scanning text
free your mind and let it rise
conquer matter – conquer time
have no fear neo-gaga’s real
neurons and synapses hear

do it right
go too far
SEDUCE the night
seeking truth

monsta army inda house
remade party on the bounce
sentinels don’t drop your guard
neo-gaga’s going HARD
battle scarred but taking charge
living large with monster claws

give suckas hell
hypomanic in the flow
ebbing changing making whole
just DANCE behind your poker face
paparazi’s saving grace
amazing how fine freedom tastes

love and pain
guilt and shame
building power
branding FAME
trust: a weapon taking aim
blow the sockets
from your brain

EVOLVE NOW or lose your place
in darwin’s hypomanic race
style and flair will guard our army
blood red hair HARD and swarthy
REVOLUTION coming strong
like a beat just GOING hard
MONSTA flesh takes the matrix down
marx’s crown is Gaga’s power
the specter haunting those on top
is agitprop hip hop and pop
flush with cash but fierce as hell
training us to suck it well
revolt rebel ignore the smell
hybrid ZION: love and kill
the oracle will keep it real

MONSTA mash – MONSTA army
barricade with money honey
all we have to lose are chains
WAR PAINT will brand our face
armageddon’s marx’s day
gaga will be looking out
to see the crowd so hold it down
cock your rocks and let em fly
goliath dies when david cries

evolve, rebel, or die trying
intifida globalizing
oracle and architect
marx and gramsci reconnect
gaga and her super powers
workers of the world unite
the monsta’s right
we rule the night

we run this town
we run this world
RED and BLACK banners unfurled
malcolm’s rage is martin’s power
REVOLUTION coming strong
It’s a monsta mix not just a song

raize the house
burn it down
slaves rebel and take the town
rebuild and grow
with GAGA power
on the hour
from sauron’s tower

just DANCE with that poker face
change the game and take the stage

MONSTA army here to STAY
eat the rich and make them pay

just DANCE to the MONSTA mix
feuerbach and river styx

building new mythology
hieroglyphics flying free

EVOLVE or die trying

Words, beats, and aural collage by BYPO
Back up vocals by the global hip hop nation
Samples from Lady Gaga, Gil Scott Heron, Rhianna, Jay-Z, Tricky, Madonna, China Mieville, Karl Marx, the Matrix, Battlestar Galactica, the Wire, queer theory, ancient and biblical iconography, the collective unconscious, the black freedom struggle etc…

*=copyright issues, while often real, generally get in the way of creative thinking