Deep within your eyes a vicious fire burns

You bring wisdom to teach and lessons to learn

Our prophets arise descend and converge

We conjure collective power and spiritual rebirth


Your purpose hides behind a facade of physical perfection

We seek magic cosmic synergy and prophetic resurrection

We project fierce light to pierce the fog of mass deception

We hone erotic power fueling ecstatic tantric connection


Your sinuous torso is scintillating seductive and blinding

The contours of your consciousness are deep and spellbinding

We dance to celebrate our chemistry—fierce and grinding

The alliance we forge is penetrating erotic and binding


You are a cypher and a phoenix—an agent of liberation

We resist looming apocalypse with the power of imagination

Your sacred prophecies bring forth full spectrum illumination

We celebrate pleasure as a pillar of collective emancipation


You are a prophet incognito—a stealth disciple

You are a vessel for spiritual energy remolding our global cycle

Allowing the gears of this system to turn is suicidal

I will heed your hidden prophecies and hone my karmic rifle

Visual inspiration from Sam Noriega: @samgtsfit on IG or twitter



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