We rule the night
Armed with paint
Taking walls-scrawling names

Plant a flag-say your piece
Make it rhyme-make it deep
Keep it real-RESPECT the street

Cops on the hunt rolling deep
Repressing speech suppressing peace
Defending the sacred sanctity
Of bourgeois private property

Upset the cart-rise and fly
Empires fall when slaves arise
Solar systems orbit stars
Juntas fall when people rise

For now we roll with subtlety
Dodging cops and scoping streets
But soon we rise in daylight
Armed with words and colored bright

Street art baby- now’s the time
Free speech is not a crime
Democracy is undermined
When billboards rule our eyes and minds

Wars abroad-wars at home
Palestine is walled in stone
Cops are killing brothas daily
Prisons filled with Huey’s babies

Fight with love, armed with rage
Paint markers are our war paint
Street art is not a crime
Speak the truth and buff the lies


-BYPO c)2010


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