so now the bigot-in-chief claims a mandate… after seizing the presidency based on an archaic constitution designed to defend human bondage… and some of our leading liberal lights now counsel patience… besieged but highly paid labor leaders pledge to work with the billionaire maverick on trade… but it is too late for soothing words… neonazi forces are confident and are taking aim at the most vulnerable among us… emboldened by calls to build a wall on our southern border… an arbitrary line established by theft of mexican land… by derision of immigrant workers as rapists and criminals… undocumented and unafraid–thousands have come forward to proclaim their right to migrate–to defend human rights conferred by divine karmic right… the sexism and misogyny of the man who will never be my president have been gut-wrenching… and now he stands poised to appoint justices who could enshrine the right of rich white men to play god with the lives of black, brown, and poor women… as trump and putin conspire to partition the middle east, we must build a global anti-imperial resistance… we must stand strong for black, brown, trans, and queer lives… we must defend the right to abortion–and challenge corporate power root and branch–prefiguring our future while building class power in the present… the stakes are too high for a peaceful transition… we will disrupt trump’s coronation–we will grind his parade to a halt–demanding education not incarceration–demanding money for universal health care instead of war… and we will deepen the bonds of solidarity and mutual aid–the sustaining roots our communities will need to survive… trump represents class war on an epic scale… and a regurgitation of the worst of our world’s most satanic ideological sewage… no peaceful transition… we will build resistance… no peaceful transition… we will transform this sick social system