You rise from the water

The moon’s longing daughter

Seductive spirits meander

Channeling this tempest’s majestic wonder


Your sinuous body is tantalizing

The depths of your eyes mesmerize

Tantric dreams are realized

Pandora’s box is opened wide


There is a full moon in Capricorn

The birth sign of my niece and nephew

My most intimate link to the next generation

Inspiring my thirst for collective liberation


We craft the outlines of a transformed future

We become fractals in germination

We awaken nascent goslings in gestation


Your spirit animates this process

Projecting desire

Projecting confidence


You are compelling like an epic summer storm

You are captivating and elevating

Activating and illuminating


With this poem transcribed I feel purpose

A week of astrological possibility made manifest


I celebrate your chemistry and energy

We resist apocalypse

Amplifying erotic and spiritual synergy

Visuals by Sam Noriega >> @samgtsfit >> photos: @luisrafaelofficial



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