shock doctrine on overdrive–producing billions and endangering lives…corporate greed with no oversight–lacerating care and magnifying blight…we resist day by day in pursuit of a dream–we persist in this fight however futile it seems…we demand something more than this neoliberal wasteland–we demand equality for every woman and every man…the toxic refuse we confront becomes increasingly clear–we face renewed threats of war–ultimate annihilation seems near…to meet the threat of climate catastrophe–to counter the specter of nuclear war…we will need revolutionary vision–we will need a spiritual core…president 45 is a class war kamikaze–taking aim at everything not moored in place…to resist we will need an army of street art vixens styled and empowered with cylon grace–trans and queer, black and brown–armed with love and holding it down…feeling a subterranean rhythm–building the power of the underground