at night i tag city streets—or patrol for luscious finds…i live with reckless abandon—i crave the pleasure of carnal nights…i forge a karmic alliance—between the righteous and the wicked…we rise up in defiance—and give in to lust and her lascivious kindred…manic depressive heart and soul—i navigate my cerebral poles…i believe that love can redeem—i believe that love can make us whole…this sacrilegious sacrement—forged under the light of the moon and stars…leaves devilish angels in her wake—finds lovers scattered near and far…deep inside my mind and body—lies a nascent god waiting to break free…i seek insight at ungodly hours—i seek new ways of seeing…love and lust are celestial twins—intermingling cosmically…finding power deep within—imagining revolutionary ways of being…my anarchist heart grows hot—in the company of illicit acts…my spiritual aura is expanded by the pleasures of the dark…breeding resistance at our core—building powerful karmic facts…builds a power to transcend and transform—builds a queer postmodern noah’s ark