its indictment monday and heads are rolling—its a perp walk of the privileged and our resistance is growing…we are fighting for regime change here at home—we are fighting for a future that justice and karma will condone…manafort is going down—flynn was booted out in disgrace…but we need more than the other party in power—we need this toxic system replaced…45 is a product of the retrograde sewage of the neoliberal order—his base is amped on hatred focused at migrants crossing borders…capitalism has long outlived its utility to our species—it is destroying the planet while anarchist rebels are sowing seeds…this perp walk could be the dawn of turmoil that could put watergate to shame—its time for our movements to organize the power to overthrow this parasitic state…lets abolish mass incarceration and throw the figureheads of white power behind bars–lets meditate with the deepest of breaths and harness our mental powers–lets take our spiritual lead from the moon and stars…we need a classless society and an end to all forms of oppression—its time to amplify the power of the intersecting movements striving for liberation