its been more than three years since i jumped off key bridge—almost ending a life that at the time felt so tortured…never consciously suicidal i was caught in a visceral panic attack following a dream that felt like a premonition of a torturous shift at the georgetown establishment known as kafe leopold…

so i guess that makes me a survivor—of both suicide and of years living on the manic depressive spectrum….so many who had been close to me have been lost to this persistent scourge so endemic to our present social disorder—i channel the energy of dabs and andre—of josh and quentin—and of aaron, a comrade with such searing intellect and such a beautiful heart…if you are ever questioning your ability to avoid death by your own hand please ask for help—it is trite but true that suicide is a permanent solution to triggers and stressors that are usually temporary…

but we need more than suicide hotlines and walks to raise money for research…we need to craft the skeleton of a new society where human misery will be minimized and where community and solidarity can sustain our lives…we need a matrix of liberation—but to get there we need to create circles of trust and support that realize the cosmic potential of mutual aid and transcendent love…

countless human generations have wondered where we go when we go—i hope and pray that those we have lost to suicide will be reborn in future lives—reborn to a society aligned with the centrality of collaboration and collective solidarity to the human species…this is a survivors manifesto—written to give hope to the hopeless and to celebrate how far i have come from that incomprehensible moment that sent my body plummeting into the freezing waters of the potomac…

there are no victims in the future we are crafting—only survivors…let this manifesto resonate and let us extend love and support radiating into the heavens where it will be reflected back to the earth’s surface…peace and love family—we have a world to win and nothing to lose but the chains of exploitation, oppression, and psychosocial incarceration



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