ANGEL PHOENIX PROPHECY: chronicles of new york


Words fail to describe

This manic energy we feel

Stepping off of that bus

Enraptured by the gravity of Gotham


This is New York City

A mania inducing metropolis

Its rhythm potent and virile

Its demons ghostly and feral


This feeling ecstatic and restless

This fervent euphoric dysturbia

I feel powerless to tame this energy

Burning with carnal cosmic intensity


Emotions tied to the moon

Tides pulling my heart

Amplifying our connection

Forging this fierce pride


I feel this magma of mania

Transforming us like a virus

Synchronized manic episodes

Like women on aligned menstrual cycles


These people walking

So fucking slow

My mind is racing

Synapses explode


Time is in flux

One minute feels like five

This city can’t keep pace

Our psychic powers thrive


Consuming the energy around me

Taking in radiant chaos

Mind reverberating with ideas

Creativity transpires

We pulsate with desire

This thirst for imagination

Our fervent inner fire

Our prophecy of liberation


We move through urban canyons

These towers of glass and stone

This island’s energy electric

Rivers of visceral joy overflow


We crave this mania

But know we need stability

Controlling these contradictions

Conquering their immensity


This scintillating soundtrack

Our arsenal of manic anthems

Pyramids by Frank Ocean

Lil Peep’s surviving playlist


Washington Square Park now

We write by shaded trees

Roots like our connection

Interwoven and free


Angel, you inspire and enliven me

Your trust so profound

I pass on this manic lineage

Lessons reimagined on sacred ground


David the phoenix

Tyler angel of goth

Two worlds collide

With journeys left unfinished


This is our testament

We inscribe ancient obelisks

Manic energy in balance

Amplifying all of this


We are sacred prophets

Our minds tell us so

Envisioning biblical creation

Transforming all we know


This angel phoenix prophecy

Transfiguring all we see

This fire consumes our spirits

Manic visions set us free



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