Blood for blood
Eye for eye
Bin laden wanted
Dead or alive

White boys at the white house
Waving flags and singing loud
Revenge killing – assasination
Spurs barbaric celebration

Flags fly while soldiers die
Widows, mothers grieve and cry

Obama cheered for war crimes
Nobel prize soaked in lies
Rebranding bush’s wars
Progressive cloak for settling the score

War abroad war at home
Palestine is walled in stone
Blackwater thugs and cyber drones
Cheered by jingoistic clones

They kill and maim but feel no pain
Hope and change are scarred and chained

Proto fascist patriots
Swarm the streets rolling deep
Drunk and pale – war stoned
Dancing on Islamic bones

Jingoistic bloodlust
Fills the air with toxic dust
Terrorized and traumatized
Rationalizing xenocide

Bin laden’s dead in Pakistan
CIA on sovereign land
Patriotic orgy nation
Glorifying assassination

Unpack the lies and realize
Imperial powers live to die
Mourn the dead and organize
Now’s the time to rise and fly



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