nazi flags flying proud—confronted by anti-fascist crowds…charlottesville bleeding red—heather heyer left for dead…the depths of white supremacy laid raw and bare—confederate monuments in our movement’s cross-hairs…its high time for a new reconstruction—dismantling the prison complex with abolition…the fight for black lives rises fierce and fly—rebuilding community and sustaining lives…the rank bigotry of the regime clinging to power stands exposed ever more hour by hour…lets raise the roof—lets shut it down…lets challenge the systemic roots of the supremacist crown…let our white brothers and sisters become modern john browns…lets build solidarity and reclaim our class power…white rage misdirected at black and brown faces–lets channel into a struggle for system replacement…its the rich who hold the reins of power—who scheme and plot to keep us divided…we need to find the human reconnections that can build a working class to stand united…tear all the monuments down—don’t let that racist flag fly…its time for antiracist praxis to breed a new army of freedom fighters



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