Georgetown Psych Ward

Overcome with gratitude I write and ponder the many blessings of madness…Stuck on this ward marooned with pirates, explorers, and uncut genius I am rooted in the moments and little things that heal…All praise the healing hands of anti-psychosis…Armies of karma arise in cosmic unity…Brewing vats of wildfire from starbursts millions of years and eons apart…Cersei holds the throne but afar the good bastard Jon dreams of a better north…Dragonfire in Westeros comparable to the burning pain of losing so gravely…Suicide the architect of devastation claims too many…Remember Lord Hess of loving heart who was taken too soon…Dear Andre is with us still…Lay hands on those you love and build up tolerance to karmic reactions…These are scattered words…But that is why I am enclosed in the Georgetown psych ward Dreaming of peace–breathing love–and yearning for revolution

both images are visual art by Favianna Rodriguez >> @favianna >>