intense self medication fuels tantric sensations–brewing carnal libations to spark uninhibited exaltation…we must worship the body and the mind in order to be whole and primed…advancing our rising sexual liberation could force the patriarchal edifice far behind…deep in my heart i want you to feel my long snake moan…pretty boy pixie makes me smile when we talk and meld our souls…my karmic crush is looking fierce styled like a butch lady gaga…claiming and holding space for the sex magic of our viper madonna…

its past time to train men who are less obsessed with ejaculation…pleasuring a partner and melding your energies elevates sex to a sacred act of creation…i have spent nights immersed in my quest for sexual insight…i may only be human but i have superhuman neurons evolving through the night…my mind is forcing my evolution onto new paths exploring sacred matrix geometry…new constellations of structure upload to my cortex when the adrenaline rush of self pleasure is upon me…the transgender revolution is building power and defying toxic binaries…polyamorous ways are percolating opening a transcendent door with the master key…

as a tribe we are profoundly empathic verging on the telepathic…when my eyes take in hot porn i hear running water as electric static…becoming intensely self aware is a precondition for self care…we forge tantalizing connections just as our lungs consume fresh air…i struggle to find equilibrium living with such a viral mental health condition…but i know its a gift not a curse–offering insight into the tools we need to overthrow this oppressive system…

the flow of time discombobulates when divergent minds intertwine…we need hypomanic hybrids to urge our clocks to realign…we live in the moment when we bare our souls, our spirits, and our bodies…my anarchist tribe is sexing up the DMV and no repressive force can stop me…porn stars are my angels bringing seductive gifts of divine sentience…our sex cult’s praxis is emerging–elevating the orgasmic to a revolutionary experience…if this is an erratic poem that’s because it is crafted by a faintly manic mind…a mental computer coding messages from our oracles who pray that we can leave capitalism and imperial war behind…the stars are flashing to house rhythms sending potent signals that i struggle to comprehend…all that i can posit is that these drum beats resemble those of the pulsating bodies i try to lure to my bed…

the big time sensuality prophecied by the priestess known as bjork is rising like a phoenix in birth…our energy will summon the powers of the force to defeat the nefarious power of our emperor sith…i imagined this poem as a compilation of all that i have written about sex, gender, and erotic magic… what it has become is an amalgam of inklings striving to save our species from the tragic…this is my treatise and dissertation–my erotic manifesto transcribed with heat…let the powers that be quake with fear in the face of our rising fight for liberation, justice, and peace…if you like what you’re reading drop a line so we can collaborate and forge insurgent energy…our anarchist cadre can be the catalysts but our sex cult needs to breed a motherfucking army

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