This poem has been germinating

Gestating in a sacred chrysalis

Integrating penetrating insights

Your dance converging with mine


You read these tarot cards

Seeing currents of transformation

Witnessing my spirit

Counseling detachment from outcomes


This current is wise

These waters intelligent

I must be conduit, not ego

Hierophant to sacred power


You saw my porous boundaries

Urging greater discernment

More exacting standards

Guiding me to be the trophy

Indifferent to the identity of the victor


You saw a thirst for feminine energy

The evolution of new parameters

Craving the ease of safe connection


I sought insight into three pivotal relationships

One with my gothic angel

The others committed romantic partnerships


The cards were prophetic

I witnessed the fortification of my protege

The beauty of sharing psychic wisdom

The joy of our bond

This fusion of neurodivergence and sacred spirit


One of these romantic connections recedes

Another grows stronger

Sinking deeper roots

Fed by waters of transformation

Conjuring fluid omnisexual magic


You showed me the seed of life

Sacred geometry

Describing wormholes of consciousness


You have given such a gift

This portal of divination

This penetrating insight

This tribal pulsation of evolution and liberation


These psychic mysteries

Becoming esoteric epiphanies

The wisdom of the tarot

Reimagining destiny

Manifesting sacred pagan prophecy

Images and inspiration via @neeknil on IG



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