from genocide to echocide–as protest mounts big oil lies–pipelines through sacred ground–threaten rivers–threaten lives–hordes of thugs in riot gear–unleash their dogs–react with fear–water cannons in freezing air–threaten death to tribal seers–from little rock to standing rock–the arc of justice never stops–climate change is here and how–insurgents rise–loud and proud–millions reject the president elect–indigenous tribes demand respect–climate denial fuels profiteering–trump is a liar and rebellion is seething–this echocide is a racist crime–pipeline builders eye the bottom line– as a people our nation must rise–solidarity with the tribes who fight for their lives–climate justice amplified–unite the fight to stop the right–standing rock is a battle ground–where attack dogs are sicked on hope and pride–unite to stop this genocide–empires fall when movements rise



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