You inspire desire and deep devotion

Your psyche churns with karmic motion

We get into the groove and cause a commotion

Our minds bend time as our armadas traverse oceans


You writhe, tantalize,  and mesmerize

Empowered by supple skin and luscious eyes

Tantric magma surges from deep inside

Burning fierce with crimson erotic pride


Angelic power and potent fission

Converge as forces of science fiction

We rise against systemic dereliction

We rise to forge a new global religion


So witty and pretty—so scintillating

Your energy electric and captivating

Your body a sculpture germinating

Your mind a symphony reverberating


Tantric fusion fuels the fire of evolution

This incendiary power penetrates illusions

Apocalypse may yet breed revolution

Guided by agents of karma and love profusion


I sense your pulse: fly and kinetic

We conjure sacred power heliocentric

We invoke magic spells yet to be invented

Our minds conspire with code to be dissected


This is an explosion of tantric liberation

An eruption of visceral joy and imagination

We find our purpose in co-creation

Hybrid minds give birth to prophetic revelation


Photos are of @josemoralesoff on IG



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