rebels arise from every corner of our country–demanding justice for immigrants–decrying hate and bigotry…amidst this kaleidoscope of resistance we must create space to strategize–find time to dig deeper–find new ways to organize…too many on the left view dc as a stage–a place for parades that ignore the disenfranchised residents of this place…its time to insist on our sovereignty–its time for the left to pay respect to dc…this is an age that demands transcendent solidarity–we need street artists and musicians–we need to map our own histories…the right is up in arms to advance a toxic agenda–we must unite to resist–we can’t let solidarity be dismembered…the kaleidoscope of resistance must move to another stage–digging deep to understand the systems that keep oppression in place…let anarchist praxis unite with the marxist dialectic–let a synergy of tactics evolve in a nascent matrix…the stakes for our human tribe our perilously high–we must overthrowth this sick system or risk an existential threat to human life

first image is art by @homoriot