we are living on the brink of systemic cataclysm—we are under the gun and on a prophetic jedi mission…we rise and resist: struggling to overcome so much division—we are building an arsenal with the transcendence to overthrow this oppressive system…the war we fight is a war for survival: an insurgency against a hostile occupation—it is intifadic jihad globalized: an upheaval for karmic resurrection…love and rage arm our troops in this fight to build a worldwide anti-nation—red and black seven-pointed stars will brand our shoulders for this karmic inception…from every post and vantage point we see artillery aiming in our direction—we face threats of suicide and homicide claiming lives and branding lessons…this rising proto-fascist power hides behind webs of mass deception—this is a veil that can only be pierced by a vibrant and creative mass insurrection

–BYPO PHOENIX c)2018 >> lead photo by Conrado E. Castro Muluc >> @conradomuluc