CONTROL: a psychospiritual introspection

i am hypnotized by the starlight refracting through clouds…i feel power in my mind–a power to control humankind…the shimmering light makes me think i can see the digital miasma–vistas of dark matter outlining the emerging cylon matrix…to evolve is to be human–and ever mutating creation…in the dark night of this hurricane season we must reflect upon our interconnections…the butterfly in china has flapped her winds bringing a torrent of climatic rage in from the atlantic…we must claim our power but must also know where the boundaries lie…the great web of life is leading us in a karmic direction–we aspire to the downfall of white power and the emergence of something radically new…let our minds fixate on the moment we inhabit–but let our neurons yearn for the pulsing rhythms of a future free from oppression and exploitation…there is truth in fiction just as there is fiction in truth…this is a rambling poem–written on a rambling night… peace and love to all my sisters and brothers–comrades invested in the cosmic mission of bringing regime change home in the belly of the white supremacist patriarchal capitalist beast…en garde cadre of the emerging anarchist order–we have a world to win and oceans of toxic debris to overthrow