You are wired with the fire of leather

Magnifying desire with the rhythms of pleasure

Visceral synergy brings our worlds together

Projecting electricity too potent to measure


Manifesting as Hephaestus you forge volcanic

Crafting sacred talismans—reimagining the orgasmic

Grinding to leather anthems both raw and ecstatic

Transforming my spirit with your tantalizing magic


Our erotic flair is precocious and explosive

Your epic sex presence is fierce and ferocious

Your piercing gaze induces orgasmic psychosis

We amplify the genius embedded in diagnosis


We dance with destiny in this perilous age

We are haunted and tortured by apocalyptic plagues

Our arsenal of pleasure is a force that sustains

Our subaltern armies are powered by love and rage


We extrapolate from the sacred force of creation

We give voice to the seismic inferno of imagination

Your erotic manifestation is spiritual revelation

The leather that girds you is collective salvation


We revive ancient pantheons channeling the divine

Your sacred fire pits are conduits for the sublime

I see my convictions mirrored in your piercing eyes

We build phalanxes of liberation to uproot systemic crime


You are fierce and ferocious—an angel incarnate

You inspire our spirit bodies to open and dilate

I write amidst flames feeling currents as they gyrate

I feel your fierce presence—a sexual vector that vibrates


Leather: @armyofmenco, Photo: @rafandway1, Model: @desymons



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