Sinuous arms attenuate

Deep emotion articulates

Our grinding dance celebrates

We conjure love to conquer hate


Supple lace grips your thighs

Seductive power amplified

Gender norms redefined

Unearthing shame and toxic lies


Your extending leg is visceral

Compelling and deeply mystical

We dance to drum beats scriptural

Our tantric touch is cyclical


Our strongest valence masculine

Embraces the subtle feminine

Empowering fluidity born within

Our armies writhe to rise and win


Epic lines transform and inspire

Building a potent fire of desire

We will receive what we require

To survive apocalyptic quagmire


Armored in sacred blue lace

You burn, yearn, and captivate

Our intertwining bodies demonstrate

Capacity for epic systemic change

Images are from @ProteoMX on IG >> Online: >> Designs by @JuanOyervides >> Photos: @armandocarrenio

Dancer: @jhonydancer


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