so intoxicating—the pulsating aroma of erotic masculinity…so consuming—the unquenchable thirst for carnal company…manic zen is my home in these hours—i feel crescendos of ecstasy and sensual power…i long for nothing more potent than to share this energy with another…in this space on my spectrum i seek lovers and karmic brothers…bodies writhe and intertwine—finding power deep inside…monster cocks grow and thrive—dropping the beat and feeling the vibe…i want to feel your tongue deep inside—i want to fuck you hard and wild…angels of carnal bliss—grant me just one sacred kiss…tag a wall and raise your fist–hit the streets and let it rip…a hypersexual symphony captures my mind and lets me see…become a phoenix or a pharaoh reborn—give in to lust and let it burn…the rhythms of erotismo are deep and fierce—lets hear the music–the rhythms of justice and peace