STYLED FLY: a riff on anarchist chic

insurgency is born from primal roots—we yearn to become whole and to amplify our truths…styled fly our tribe rocks platinum plated combat boots—we rule the night as street art vixens and recruit the rebellious youth…sustained by community and careful self medication—we plot and plan imagining a transformed nation…we pay homage to the materialist matrix and to karmic creation—we experiment with sacred alchemy and temporal transmutation…we evolve into something new or we die as prey of this system—we struggle night and day to sustain a radical resistance…we organize horizontally sometimes talking but always listening—we prefigure a classless future where mayday will be as sacred as christmas…lets adorn the black block with diamond studs and silver chains—lets establish a praxis that revolutionary movements can recreate…we can build the power to transform when we work to heal psychic pain—we can conquer fashion week as a fiercely clad anarchist brigade