This is an open call to artists and performers across the country to use the time before the coming presidential election to campaign vigorously for a nation where all immigrants are welcome, where Islam is respected, where LGBTQ rights advance, where black lives matter, where women’s power grows, and where working people reclaim the wealth we have created for the criminal one percent. Now is the time to ensure that Donald Trump is exposed as the neo-fascist lunatic he is–to press Hillary Clinton to uphold the Democratic Party platform that Bernie Sanders and the movement behind him did so much to create–to ensure that Jill Stein of the Green Party has a voice in the debate. These are challenging times. For those of who gave time,money, and energy to the Sanders’ campaign, now is the time to train our fire at the grotesquely right-wing bigotry and war mongering that suffuse the Republican Party. We need massive voter turnout to ensure that Trump and his party lose overwhelmingly. We should call on leaders in all levels of government to declare election day a holiday, so that everyone who wants to vote can. Election days are holidays in most of the industrialized world. Its time for the United States to move towards the 22nd century– not lurch back into the horror of war, racism, and economic implosion that characterized the 1930’s. If you are interested in brainstorming about this, post a comment here or email me at More to come. Seize the moment. Tell Trump that we won’t go back… Peace, Love, and Revolution, BYPO PHOENIX

the butterfly poster is by CESAR MAXIT