HEAVEN’S MOUTH: a quest for liberation

as long as our ancestors have inhabited this earth—we have sought stories to give meaning to our death and our birth…we have craved sex, money, power, and pride—we have yearned to give voice to what gestates inside…the human species has evolved to yearn and transform—creating new systems and crafting new norms…the social order we are ruled by is rotten to the core—our species is in turmoil and in need of sacred lore…all ancient creeds contain stories of creation—they speak of panoplies of divinities of all complexions…we arise in this moment to resist a proto-fascist menace—a resurgence of bigotry and a collective death sentence…we need to call upon the stars to guide our resistance—summoning the power of ancient prophets to bless the lives of our infants…anarchist chic is the zeitgeist of the hour—fusing the marxist matrix with prefigurative power…we will revolutionize and remold the cult of celebrity—we fight for a world where our species and our planet can breathe…as we build movements with the power to transform—we must take care of one another and craft imaginative social norms…mental health struggles underpin all forms of oppression—we must liberate our psyches as we strive for revolution…street art vixens carve out space on city streets—building murals that imagine a future of justice and peace…lifting up our heroines and heros of the past—building a power to transcend and a power that will last…relationships are the foundation of all successful praxis—they must be nurtured to evolve as our struggle seduces new actors…we call upon the core of the human spirit in our quest for liberation—we amplify our voices—trans and queer rebels of our global karmic nation…the system is condemned—what remains in the balance is whether our global tribe goes as well…for exploitation to end, we must break the chains that incarcerate so much brilliant potential in jail cells…4 minutes to save the world—so madonna crooned with justin…many lifetimes lived at once–as millennia of class rule near their nascent end…we must rise up in formation—with crunk hip-hop on blast…we must uproot the stigmas and taboos that leave class rule intact…we will dance to celebrate a new dawn of imagination—we will approach nuestra boca de cielo-our heaven’s mouth…a reborn nirvana brought into being by revolution–a postmodern garden of eden where transcendent love is to be found…the dead ideas of the past weigh like a nightmare on the minds of the living…we must transcend the damage and the trauma which are the legacy we are given…heaven’s mouth is coming fast—just ahead of the river styx…we can uproot the horror of a looming earthly hell–if we can build a transcendent and liberatory matrix

the lead image is by FAVIANNA RODRIGUEZ >> @favianna