class war anarchists

born-again bolsheviks

take the streets–hit or miss

fly as shit–raise your fist

black and brown–trans and queer

we fight to bring nirvana here…

holding on and conquering fear

our posses roam far and near…

corporate power divides our land

a reborn left takes a stand

social justice we demand

empowered fractals in our hands

immigrants defend their rights

taking on the thugs at ICE

fueling spirit deep inside

building power–building pride

artists claim a place on high

creating beauty day and night

rebels clad in epic style

worship love and worship fire

educate and copulate

claim your fate and liberate

celebrate and integrate

craft a future free from hate

theory morphs–evolves or dies

prophets rise–rulers lie

siloed movements realign

cosmic lovers intertwine

lenin had a mind on speed

crafting plans and sowing seeds

revolutionary creeds

must grow renew and interbreed

born-again bolsheviks

class war anarchists

crush the nazis in our midst

seize the day and raise your fist