hyper-stimulated with eyes dilated—we celebrate the night until desire is sated…neurons wired and never tired—we seek ecstatic bliss and carnal delight…rebel divas styled fly always catch my eye—holding it down on the dance floor and making pretty boys cry…the search for ecstasy is so hypnotic—mesmerizing my mind and uprooting all logic…we throw down at the club with bottles popping—we scope the streets hard core when there’s no one to stop us…rising high on speed enhanced by dopamine—doing bumps and lines seeking a moment to breathe…ecstatic emergence on the urban street scene—training queers to live proud and rebranding bigotry as disease…ecstasy baby is my goddess and my mistress—we seek her blessings like the ancients worshipped the sun…we express ourselves in how we dance and how we dress—our insurgency against this system will expand exponentially until system change is won