alcohol and adderall—smoking up like biggy smalls…toxic habits haunt us all—we crave the things that make us fall…lines of coke fueling pychotic breaks—giving less than I fight to take…forgetting how much I have at stake—living in sin is make or break…sex with meth and sex on speed—finding pleasure too intense to believe…portals opening to new ways of being—conquering my demons: relearning how to breathe…my bloodstream is soaked in chemicals: psychiatricaly prescribed and otherwise…I overcame the urge to smoke my lungs to death—psychic synapses learning how to open fire…the allure of self-medication is potent and profound—its so hard to keep our feet on solid ground…the roots of addiction lie deep underground—branded genetically and in the toxic systems that surround…we must remove the curse of criminalization from the rites of psychopharmacology–we must liberate our minds from the boundless enigma of encroaching soulless toxicity…an addiction once conquered can fly back into play with ferocity—we must surround ourselves with love and support to resist an early date with destiny…an enigmatic foe can be conquered when exposed for eyes to see–once examined the addictive urge loses much of its potency…the chains of addiction will no longer encroach upon me–i dream bold dreams of collectively changing the course of history…the earth is alive and vibrant: full of chemical combinations to explore–in a liberated future we will maintain balance while indulging in substances we adore…my own toxic bloodstream has lost its allure and run its course—i commit myself to sanity, to love, and mutual support



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