i open my eyes in wonder at the majesty of the stars–i imagine fractal geometries connecting us near and far…i am a scorpio by birth but a rising phoenix by heart–i dream of a revolution to tear this sick system apart…we need the gnosis of both east and west to carve a synchronicitous path–we need the power of african wisdom to shape our nascent karmic map…we must fuel love and rage sparking the force of divine wrath–we must see our fate in the stars but also in how we live and how we act…water signs fuse with those of fire while mercury is in retrograde–this is the world as we find it: just waiting to be remade…our battalions fight for a liberation whose luster will never fade–we groove to the pulse of a house beat or to old school hip-hop fiercely replayed…this is our new astrology fusing ancient prophecy with the lore of our times–the fires we burn religiously brand precious images into our minds…we worship the gods of old and the gods of westeros at the same time–our struggle is for karmic justice that can never again be undermined



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