thoroughly consumed by manic zen my imagination is flying free…i pray that the lithium will do its work and keep the most perilous demons buried deep…psychopharmacology is a science but its practice is mostly an art–finding the right cocktail involves many detours and innumerable false starts…the brain and body are a dialectical whole and we all have unique neurochemistry…we need transformative imagination to let our synapses enhance their powers and discover new ways to be…finding community in neurodiversity is what makes my life inspiring–our tribe is evolving at light speed and generating new ways of thriving…armed with highly refined tools derived from nature–the MD’s do their work…interwoven currents give us the perspective we need to connect the soul and heart…i am flying high amped up on stimulants waiting for the antipsychotics to kick in…i strive to avoid the psych ward and the isolation i would be forced to live within…i navigate my spectrum with pills but also with creative expression…i am welded to an anticapitalist phalanx charting a path to revolution…the seductive appeal of old vices rises with force in every synapse of my brain…but i want to remain collaborative and to function capably in the terrain defined as sane…stabilizers and stimulants guide my journey day to day…we must learn to harness all of our psychospiritual forces to keep the cult of death at bay…i spent the day in intentional engagement in the fight to uproot white supremacy…i need these friends and comrades to keep my energy channeled but also free…we are striving for a 22nd century foretold by the prophetic nina simone…we must resist the looming barbarism that leaves so many suffering alone…we emancipate ourselves by emancipating our souls and minds…we conjure a holistic arsenal that can craft centers for community care instead of ecologically toxic pipelines…we can expand our consciousness through substances of pleasure if we hold tight to deeply rooted ways of seeing…we can replace militarized policing with community empowerment–funding solutions to vicious inequity that don’t result in incarcerating millions and throwing away the key…the high priestess of dopamine has consumed my present day…my project is to seek sleep and reaclimate myself to structured, sober ways…stabilizers and stimulants arm our tribe to evolve and thrive…deeply rooted mental health solidarity is a potent force that can keep our fight for liberation alive