Your skin dark like night boldly seared with tattoos

You transfix my mind with intensity—with the power of your moods

We imagine a world of love where solidarity rules

We craft outlines of this future as we sharpen our tools


We are aboriginal people before pillage and conquest

We are aboriginal nations before enslavement and its spiral of death

We arise to reclaim our past, our pride, and our breath

We imagine the unknown—the incarnations to come next


There is a cradle of passion interwoven with your psyche

You build a fire of resistance—a storm of karmic chemistry

We arise and inspire these potent acts of alchemy

This is divine erotic resurrection of long buried prophecy


Your lovers surround you in a radiant polyamorous web

You explore with your mind epic fantasies for your bed

The gift of ascension is the power of cosmic head

You are aboriginal to this desire—to this seductive thread


Aboriginal blood fuels a firestorm of imagination

Our bloodstreams pulsate with the erotic–with cascading resonations

Our spirit guides take us higher with insight and levitation

We build a dreadnought of resistance and an ark of liberation

Visuals are by @jonzu on IG



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