if jesus were alive today she’d be a black trans woman in the belly of the beast—if our cosmic power were brought to bear we’d uproot this sick system with all its insipid ideological disease…a black jesus would defend migrant families from deportation—she’d tear down the wall at the border and reinvent this oppressive nation…the scourge of transmisogyny is a toxic virus—its incipient roots and seeds are sown deep inside us…we must rise to resist and establish new community—we must organize a worldwide battle for an anti-capitalist global polity…in the name of venus as a boy–or of jesus as a femme…our samurai are cybernetic decoy–fueled by hope for exploitation’s end…i send prayers of adulation to my nascent black trans goddess—but i strive day to day to honor the trans goddesses already among us…this is a prayer for revolution in the form of poetic verse—this is a meditation on transcendent solidarity amplified and interspersed…gender is a construct that we aspire to overcome–we live to fight and live to dance–we live to rise and become one