i am an angel patrolling mortal waters—seeking my brethren—my sons and daughters…by day i organize my tribe in the fight for cosmic truth—by night i tag walls and wear studded combat boots…i am a polyvalent poltergeist—a shape-shifter in poetic garb…i am powered by erotic energy—my mind thrives when cybernetically charged…street artists rule the night—we bomb walls and make our mark…our rebellion will rise transcendent when political clarity melds with karmic art…the zeitgeist of this moment is intersectional solidarity…we fight for all that sacred—for mother earth to breathe free…i exist in many dimensions—traversing a multitude of galaxies…the resistance deepens its roots—winning new converts and sowing potent seeds…i am a polyvalent poltergeist—reimagining ways of being…queer and proud—black and loud—i inspire with my mind and craft my own creed