I sit by the water

I came here to write


I excavate for meaning in your images

Imagining a narrative

A connection between two souls


I stare at the sun

Brilliant light reflected by the river

Manifesting fractals of light

Fractals reverberating in ecstasy


I feel exhilaration

Transmuting this energy


My mind pivots from the water

Taking in your images


Synergy both emotional and erotic

Powers hypnotic

Fierce and jaw dropping


You cradle one another

Nurturing affection and vulnerability

Captivated by psychotropic electricity


I feel the water again

Lights oscillating to psychedelic rhythms

Channelling the treble

Grounded by the bass


I see your bodies in this water

Energetically transposed

Reflecting its luminosity

Amplifying carnal ferocity


This is my offering

Verses to expand on this moment

Verses to dilate time

Amidst escalating polyvalent apocalypse


Forget your perfect offering

Just ring the bell that you can ring

There is a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in

That’s how the light gets in

Images by @jonzu for @ScruffApp >> @michaelaustinnicolo & @jhosethrojas

The final stanza is derived from a Leonard Cohen song titled ‘Anthem’




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