hypnotic, erotic, and intensely and viscerally exotic

we weave our way through this matrix evolving towards the supersonic

deeply inspired by potent and ancient pagan poetry

we meditate to rebalance and hone jedi powers when we breathe

we invent our own religion forged of the spiritual and the carnal

we fuck when desire inspires and we transform sex into a divine ritual

confident, beautifully sculpted, and powerfully hung

our bond transcends the transactional like the moon reflects the sun

this is an intergenre mindfuck transpiring on my bed

i conjure an image of your soul while i give you cosmic head

sacred circles unfold in the sky touching my mind of manic zen

wormholes to distant galaxies transcribe their vistas in my head

the soundtracks to which i groove control the rhythms of my fires

we feel our global interconnections when we rise to fight and when we allow ourselves to cry

this is big time sensuality inspiring transgressive currents

i live my life a willing slave to the allure of pelvic serpents