a force lifts me up, healing from so much pain—a light pierces clouds as the sun follows rain…we allow erotic energy to flow and percolate—creating sacred space for new ideas to arise and germinate…we must conjure superpowers to fuel our resistance–we must unearth cosmic truth from the worlds of science fiction…civil war and imperial power take us close to imminent extinction–we arm our subaltern army blessed with a karmic mission…in my arms i cradle a lover karmically blessed by a distant star—our souls are bonded together, too interwoven to be torn apart…our destines interact, inside out, near or far—we are soldiers in an anarchist army, with a new world growing within our hearts……its time to abolish mass incarceration–time to pierce the charade of drug prohibition…we are crafting a world rooted in hope and love gleaning wisdom from nature’s systems…beauty comes in many guises—comes hidden behind many masks…nascent love is full of surprises—reinspiring me on my spiritual path



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