I write by the river

Transcribing a vision

Describing your intensity

Your irresistible sexuality


Black pride and queer fire

Inspiring cosmic desire

Karmic angels conspire

Dismantling empire


Your sex presence is tectonic

Your eyes are hypnotic

This energy is symbiotic

Visceral, raw, and erotic


Light dances with water

As you dance with my mind

You intertwine with your lover

As he takes you inside


This is an epoch of reinvention

An age of mass deception

We resist this apocalypse

Empowered by an arsenal of spiritual weapons


Queerotica is elemental

Manifesting in the power of your energy

Sexual electricity and erotic chemistry

Rising to remold our destiny


Queerotica is a new religion

A potent matrix of liberation

We activate licentious synergy

With the power of imagination

Images are by @BLACKICONIC5 on twitter



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