ZEITGEIST: insurrectionary aspirations

this has been a gruesome week—by any estimation: the muslim ban upheld by the supreme court—a court that turned around and delivered a brutal assault on the rights of public sector unions…a rancid conservative justice stands down, paving the way for our would-be-fuhrer to appoint a fascist…there were a few rays of light—most hopefully the triumph of a puerto rican latinx socialist over an entrenched  power broker…but amidst so much carnage, it can be hard to sustain our will to resist—to find hope amidst the horror…but now is not the time to shrink from the frontiers of struggle—we must reimagine our zeitgeist: the spirit of our age…we must summon revolutionary and insurrectionary aspirations, arming ourselves for the battles to come…subterranean forces breathe fire into our arsenal of decentralized weaponry…the propaganda of the deed fuses into a neo-gramscian creed—sowing deep rooted seeds on whose fruits our resistance fighters will feed…our street art underground fights to reclaim the night—allowing long buried dreams of transcendant love to take flight…inspiring everyone within our sight with hope that what has been made wrong can ultimately be made right…we delight in every rhyme working its magic deep within our spines: unleashing power as we intertwine inspired by a newborn perception of the fragility of time…there is so much to fight for and so much to lose—if we fail to reimagine our zeitgeist, the harbingers of a modern-day holocaust could be the ones who write the tumultuous histories of our age…there could be nothing left for noone–only scraps of what was once a verdant planet to go to war over…but if we rise in defiance of bourgeois normality allowing all of the divergent strands of rebellion to sing in harmony, we could yet give birth to something defiantly and radically new…to a fierce rising phoenix tattooed in line with our most heartfelt aspirations–eyes and lips daring us not to honor beauty incarnate and proclaiming the penultimate victory of solidarity over xenophobic and nepotistic greed…this is our calling, our mission, and our zeitgeist–our revolutionary movements must triumph, advancing by any means necessary, or we will be conquered by a fascist plague that could outdo the horrors of the second world war

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