CATALYST: the reemerging reverberations of ancient wisdom

CATALYST: the reemerging reverberations of ancient wisdom

i am beyonce and madonna fused with gaga and rihanna–we are raging cokehead ballers meditating on the zen of karma…i am jesus and mohammad fused with buddha the eastern prophet–i am athena’s lust-fueled cupid fucking comrades and tantric pupils…i don’t want control i want to let go–let godlike powers shield my soul cuz we go hard or we go home…breathe me hold me and never let go of me–nurture grace instead of envy banishing the demons of rage and their toxicity…i am a poet and a dancer reclaiming the fire of the black panthers–i am ever-morphing performance art catching your eye by day or in a dimly lit alley by dark…i am the avenging godling of my enslaved ancestors building an army to guillotine our modern-day plantation masters…i am the non-binary offspiring of my trans and queer forbears–we reclaim the banner of liberation and conjure sex-powered alchemy with magical flair…genius fused with wisdom is nascent wildfire to uproot this system–prophets, whores, and vixens unleash the force of jedi mystics…lenin’s tortured ghost haunts stalin’s desperate spawn–class struggle rebuilds from subterranean roots like sunlight follows dawn…i am tupac i am biggy: i am left eye i am nicki-if you join this love-fueled struggle with me we might still change the course of history…i am malcolm lying with baldwin and my powers are still evolving–the cryptic problems our neurons are solving are reflections of ancient symbols that indigenous priests saw revolving…the fire that burns within can match the titanic power of our holy sun–inhaling nicotine and oxygen i commune with the rebels of new crobuzon…in our proto-fascist present, we are already living within the matrix–we are trinity and morpheus seeking a NEO who can rise to save us…but we can all build our psycho-spiritual power arising to become a phoenix–we must practice self care and mutual aid healing the traumas that reemerge to pain us…i see the liminal cracks in the flow of time and see spritual visions encoded in porn with my forever evolving mind–let red and black flags unfurl and realign: readying for an insurrection to bring sudden death to systemic crime…what i am is an open question: forever migrating in new directions–become a disciple of our life cult’s lessons and let ancient wisdom find its most vivid and radical expression


creative note: this poem steals inspiration from pink, china mieville, madonna, lady gaga, rihanna, beyonce, favianna rodriguez, and too many others to mention…

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