sex is elemental—nature’s most potent anti-depressive agent…tantric energy rises up–giving birth to divergent rivers of erotic imagination…nothing is fixed and everything is fluid…i immerse my mind in manic meditation striving to remain grounded and lucid…I have spent many nights absorbed in waves of hedonistic self-exploration…i have examined the theory of relativity while imagining myself penetrating a harem of lovers consumed with exaltation…i am recruiting an army of trans and queer rebels to become polymaths to undermine the system’s matrix…you can become my lover and my accomplice–my diva or my dominatrix…my pornographic imagination gives birth to divinely fueled transcendent erotica…the pulsating energy crafting this road to liberation is becoming omnipotent and unstoppable…i go through all this before your potent spirit attains its power…I want it to be safe again for our bypo tribe recruiting disciples by the hour…i see and feel so much in this zone of manic zen—connecting mind and body exponentially…I long to know how and when we will rise to make these midnight fantasies our new reality…our pathologizing mental health system convinced me that my manic visions were all psychotic illusions…but now i know my insights were deeply rooted—emerging at the moment of my powers’ inception…sacred geometries fuel my visions—fractals powering the drive for systemic change…i sense the intricate interweaving of sight and sound as the grip of proto-fascist hegemony waxes and wanes…i ask what each precious moment has to teach me–breathing deeply to control the flow of time…i welcome a phalanx of carnal angels to breed me deeply and turn the rhythm of eros into sacred verse and rhyme…we must heed the structured genius of our mathematicians and our oracles’ cryptic insights…we are running against a time bomb of civilizational destruction and decisive planetary blight…i am cultivating my powers of insight and foresight–pursuing psychic penetration by the enticing fire of candle light…my pyromanic rituals yearn to be disseminated, reinterpreted, and reexamined…our life cult grows by fits and starts waiting for the thunder of insurrection to bring us calling…we must find transformative potential in every crack and crevice of our land…we must cultivate the power to organize, to create, and to understand…i penetrate the ideological miasma rationalizing this system just as i penetrate a lover at night…psychic penetration is a holy vector arming our insurgent batallions to rise and radiate cosmic light

second image is by HOMO RIOT >> @homoriot



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