riding the waves of heroin and speed–feeding my needs but making me bleed…i pray for the future that has been prophecied–i pray for a world of love, justice, and peace…my eyes and my mind are opened so wide–i can’t keep my visions locked up deep inside…i share what i see with energy and with pride–i long for a taste of your tongue while we kiss and i ride…

i am too busy evolving to be constrained by your conception of the flow of time–i am playing with metaphor–i am playing with rhyme…we learn to feel the divine when we feel our souls crying–we unleash the nascent godlings rising up and flying…choices permeate all of our existence–choices confront our forces as we resist this sick system…we speak truth to power but the juntas never listen–so we take the stage like postmodern dancers and we fuck like sex vixens…

the logic of cause and effect amplifies my insight–conjuring memories of magical sex and carnal delight…i explore the contours of existence: the flow of dark into light–we shred our own canvases like banksy cuz our street art batalions rule the night…i am training my frontal lobes to mass produce dopamine–i breathe deep in meditation to sow new sentient seeds…we evolve and rebel: we craft our own mutant creeds–we demand a new world free from imperial war and from greed…

our rulers control the palaces but our subaltern armies rule the streets–we are syncing our souls to digital signals modulating like a hard house beat…our praetorian guard is armed with venom delivered by fang like teeth–our minions will slay your heiresses while they languish in sleep…i need to be held like i need to be heard–i am transcribing new tablets awaiting the next holy word…i imagine a future where our potential flies free like a bird–this world owes me nothing but we owe each other the world…

angels of light emerge from toxic wastelands of pollution–the cesspool of power reeks of blood and nefarious collusion…we seek the strength to transform and describe spiritually potent solutions–harbingers of hedonism are transformed into harbingers of revolution

both images are photos by SLAVA MOGUTIN >> on IG @slavamogutin


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