GESTATION: diary of a shadow worker

I want to write about who I am becoming—and about what I am leaving behind…I want to write about the web we are weaving to save the air we are breathing with the power of our minds…I am a shadow worker in gestation—seeing the cracks through which liberation comes…pouring libations and releasing incantations to channel the power of the moon and the sun…we are incubating a transformed future as we navigate viral apocalypse—this is a terrestrial and corporeal process through which we bring alchemy to destiny’s lips…my fire dance has become part of me—it is a medicine more powerful than morphine…it puts me at ease cleaning out debris–bringing forth and sowing divine transformational seeds…the shadow energy I feel emerging is the sacred power of the night—it is the wisdom we find in gestation under the sacred glow of starlight…it is a power that writhes like a dragon and clings with both talons to the feast in its lair–it moves like water celebrating her daughters as they swim neptune’s depths with lungs of magical air…the power of the shadow worker is to mold our sacred fire to empower a new way of seeing—these subterranean and celestial forces writhe in gestation until they emerge as a potent and spiritual new way of being

The first image is used with consent: IG: @miamilux_ >> the creator of the mural is unknown

this poem was inspired by the wisdom of Naiimah Lovechild



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