so its official—we are now the epicenter of this global pandemic…and we aren’t yet managing to even test everyone with symptoms…this is all likely to get exponentially worse before it gets any better—leaders of color have plowed the ground building networks for mutual aid and resistance—prefiguring the faintly visible outlines of a transformed society amidst the bleak architecture of viral apocalypse…all of this transpires in a nation ruled by a narcissistic sociopath intent on enabling insidious profiteers to rob our polity blind through unrestrained corporate handouts…we need prophylactic resistance and prophylactic resilience—we must defend our communities from the death spiral of this system…we are in desperate need of a massive course correction—love, rage, and pervasive anxiety intertwine to fuel our nascent insurrection…resilience will wrap us in sacred power as we sink roots to withstand this viral maelstrom—our spirit beings will be our prophylactics, protecting our souls in this epoch of destruction and reconstruction

-lead image is by SLAVA MOGUTIN >> @slavamogutin on IG

-second image is by Lamb of God >> @lambofdog on IG



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