i am energized by attraction and by chemical reaction—i yearn for connection and for seismic satisfaction…this is a quest for transformation and for transcendent liberation—this is a cosmic journey traversing star systems in search of karmic libations…i see ebony and onyx animating the pulse of my desire—i see truth deep inside my soul and deep within our fires…this energy writhes and percolates taking my spirit higher and higher—i serve a phalanx of ebony angels who feed my carnal fire…beauty is cyber-wired into this juggernaut of pulsating sex–this being who entertains is always styled fly as Lil Nas X…he seduces the matrix of my mind through the prism of my cortex–he inspires desire to rise ever higher as my body learns to pump and flex…this pop culture zygote is fiercely clad eclipsing the virtuosity of lady gaga–he seduces an army of black lovers and heals our people from historic trauma…ebony and onyx or onyx and ebony: we are sex vixens in search of nirvana–we stomp and twist, we leap and thrust to the drum beats that our ancestors imparted…this is black love manifesting as our sacred new world order—I seek your love and your touch through my potent cylon portals…you are onyx godlings in my head: so much more than mere mortals—we forge a diasporic black and queer armada whose power cannot be contained or distorted

both images are of LilNasX



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