The future of the future will still contain the past—your energy is like a tsunami igniting an erotic cosmic match…we never know what blessings we will find on this sacred karmic path—we dedicate our souls to creative liberation rooted in the present while honing our craft…

I will be a constellation in your galaxy and I will be your reincarnated psychic phoenix—we will elevate the kinetic energy oscillating within each of our spirits and in what flows between us…I will summon my sacred percussive dance firing tectonic energy arising to free us—your leather bound torso is a conduit for the electricity that powers our insurrectionary cylon matrix…

You are  my leather elixir merging many powers into a sacred libation—your elixir is potent fuel for our army’s divinely erotic conflagration…we build a global army of resurrection crafting a world rooted in liberation—this leather elixir animates all of our senses and stimulates our collective sexual imagination…

These images are used courtesy of @armyofmenco >> the model in the first image is @boundeagle1 and the photographer is @rafandway >> the second image is also of @boundeagle1



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