SILVER FIRE: the aging erotic

My eyes admire your torso—your pulsating desire

My body and mind yearn to be the magic you require

Projecting epic tantric wisdom you touch and inspire

I tremble with anticipation amidst your silver fire


This union is prophetic: a portal of evolution

The inferno in your heart harbors psychic solutions

We refuse to submit to this system’s toxic confusion

Intergenerational synergy is a work of revolution


Spirits of the universe writhe and gestate

They come into being to imagine and animate

Converging with silver fire they plot and orchestrate

We summon veterans of the night to rise and conquer hate


Your prescient rooted wisdom is a key to liberation

Your tongue channels energy and potent sensations

Surviving apocalypse is our collective occupation

We can create a new world of solidarity and emancipation


Reverberations of your soul echo near and far

I feel the contours of your body: both supple and hard

Your flesh is seasoned leather cosmically charged

Your body is an arsenal of pleasure wired to my heart


These verses are a vision awaiting fruition

I still my mind sensing your psyche disarm all friction

This is an epic moment of prophetic conviction

We draw power from historic roots to guide our mission


Silver fire rises higher growing bold and supersonic

A deep house anthem emerges: raw and symphonic

These are driving psychic beats—bold and hypnotic

This is a ferocious manifesto of the aging erotic

Visuals: @armyofmenco >> Model: @barnabysdaddy on IG, website >> Photos: @emittmore



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